DASCH is pleased to announce “Double Up for DASCH!” Thanks to the wonderful legacy gift from the Jessiman Foundation, we are pleased to be able to kick off our capital campaign with the new “Double Up for DASCH!” YOUR DONATION GETS DOUBLED! No matter the amount, your donation will be DOUBLED! As a supporter of the DASCH Foundation, you are making a difference in the future for hundreds of children,
youth and adults with intellectual disabilities that DASCH supports.

With Your Help, It’s Possible

For more than 40 years, DASCH has supported children and adults with intellectual disabilities living in more than 50 homes throughout Winnipeg.
DASCH provides a home with personalized services that fosters greater independence and new opportunities for people living with intellectual disabilities.

As we look towards our future, we are pleased to continue our fundraising initiatives to undertake a variety of capital, maintenance and programming projects in the various locations that we operate.

We look forward to meeting with DASCH families, supporters and members of the community at large to discuss our plans and examine ways in which you can partner with DASCH to help meet our fundraising goals.


There are many ways in which you and your organization can leave a legacy gift that will help DASCH by making direct donations, legacy gifts and sponsorship of DASCH homes and programs.

Some of the areas we are seeking support include:

  • Funds for down payments of new DASCH homes
  • Capital campaign for a new resource centre (TBA)
  • Development of sensory rooms to meet the unique sensory needs of individuals
  • Adaptive equipment for individuals to have enhanced community engagement and quality of life
  • Employment training and education for the individuals we support
  • Arts and culture programs; Indigenous initiatives
  • Furniture and home décor
  • Outdoor lawn furniture, barbecues, building of decks, to assist our individuals in having and enjoying leisure time, outside in their own home.

Transforming LIVES

Supporting DASCH through sponsorships and donations can make a transformative and positive impact on the lives of people living with intellectual disabilities.
Your support will help Manitobans living with intellectual disabilities to:

  • Live with the freedoms provided from living in a residential  community setting which are the fundamental rights of everyone
  • Learn and develop skills to live, grow and contribute  to the community
  • Live in a home setting that fosters independence,  relationships and long-term friendships

To discuss our plans and examine ways in which you can partner with DASCH to improve the lives of people living with intellectual disabilities, please contact us or Donate Online.

Photos of Event


Peter, Dana, and Nancy Jessiman speak at the launch event


Nancy, Karen L, Karen F, Janet, Matthew, and Keith


Double Up of DASCH sponsors