Zach is an 11 year old boy in the care of DASCH. Like other kids his age, Zach enjoys to play, spend time with his friends and family, and learn about the world around him. Unlike many kids however, Zach lives with an intellectual disability that has compromised his ability to verbally communicate. Zach cannot tell his parents he loves them, tell a teacher at school that he is scared or unsafe, or share exciting news with his friends. For Zach and other DASCH youth, the inability to communicate is a sad reality, making day-to-day life very challenging. The 2018 DASCH Holiday Campaign is your chance to give the gift of communication by helping us provide Speech Enhancement Technologies for the youth we support. Speech Enhancement Technologies include equipment and custom applications that are truly transformative and can change a person’s life forever by providing the tools needed to communicate in their own words and language. Our campaign goal is $50,000. We need your help in reaching our goal and ask that you consider making a gift before December 31, 2018.


Your holiday gift will:

  • Allow youth in our community to express their individuality, thoughts, words, needs, concerns and feelings;
  • Help youth gain independence, make their own choices and gain valuable skills training;
  • Enhance the quality of life for youth living with intellectual disabilities.


With the ability to communicate, our youth will be able to develop and maintain relationships with their family, friends, caregivers and neighbours. This will foster true engagement within the community, promote inclusion and reduce social isolation. In addition, having an opportunity to be heard, will allow our youth to break down social barriers and increase public awareness of the many abilities of people with intellectual challenges. Your gift will help create the opportunity for our DASCH youth to communicate and succeed as they grow into adulthood. Thanks to the generous support of the Jessiman Foundation, every gift will be matched dollar for dollar – this means your donation will have twice the impact. Thank you for helping us change the lives of youth.


You can donate online or by phone at 204-987-1550