8yr Boy Comforts Classmate with Autism on First Day of School

As we celebrate the back to school season, we’ve got a story out of Kansas. An incredible example of a young man offering a simple act of kindness that made a huge positive impact on someone’s life.

Boy, 8, Comforts Classmate with Autism on First Day of School in Heartwarming Photo

“He was kind to me,” Conner Crites says of his new friend Christian Moore

A photo of an 8-year-old boy holding the hand of a crying classmate with autism on the first day of school has gone viral. Christian Moore was preparing to start his first day of second grade at Minneha Core Knowledge Elementary School in Wichita, Kansas, earlier this month when he spotted a classmate, Conner Crites, crying in a corner, according to WTVR. Conner has autism and struggles with speech, WTVR …

Char Adams

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