Today, on National Philanthropy Day, DASCH is celebrating our supporters and donors for helping us in our mission to provide meaningful opportunities and enable people living with intellectual disabilities to live their life to the fullest.

National Philanthropy Day celebrates the charitable work that everyone does to make a difference in their communities through volunteerism, philanthropy, and advocacy. Together, we all play a crucial role in creating significant change for people living with intellectual disabilities. For all that you do to support DASCH, thank you!

Today also marks the celebration of some of Manitoba’s most impactful and outstanding charitable work throughout the province at the Manitoba Philanthropy Awards put on by the Association of Fundraising Professionals Manitoba Chapter.

This year, DASCH was proud to nominate Bison Transport and its leadership under Don Streuber and the Jessiman Family for the Outstanding Corporation Award at the Manitoba Philanthropy Awards for their incredible commitment to philanthropy and their community.

As a supporter of DASCH, Bison Transport has made a public declaration that people living with intellectual disabilities are valued and deserve the same opportunities and dignities afforded by all.

In addition to supporting DASCH, Bison Transport provides overwhelmingly significant support to hundreds of organizations and initiatives that impact underserved populations and build healthy communities and leaders, including CancerCare Manitoba Foundation, and United Way. For all their charitable work, community giving, and employee engagement initiatives, Bison Transport was selected as this year’s recipient of the Outstanding Corporation Award.

Congratulations to Bison Transport, and a sincere thank you to all DASCH’s supporters and donors for all of your ongoing support of people living with intellectual disabilities!

We are about to embark on our annual holiday campaign to support updates and upgrades to our houses. Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of the Jessiman Foundation, all gifts will be matched! To make a gift in support of this year’s campaign, please visit Donate Today or contact Michelle Sankar at 204-992-9678 or email at