​The biggest day to give back: Giving Tuesday 2021

This GivingTuesday, we’re asking you to help us raise funds for DASCH’s Specialized Support and Resource Services (SSRS)!

SSRS is a team of consultants specializing in learning and literacy, nutrition, and behavior who collaborate with staff to build knowledge and skills to better help the people we support. SSRS also works closely with the people DASCH supports to achieve their goals in reading, writing, budgeting, and other life skills.


If you give today, you can make DOUBLE the impact.

​Thanks to the incredible generosity from the Jessiman Foundation, your GivingTuesday will be matched!

Every gift towards SSRS helps enable people living with intellectual disabilities to live their lives to their fullest potential by offering tools and resources that put the power in their hands.

Your $25 gift turns into $50

for self-care items and experiences like bubble bars, aromatherapy, pedicures, and manicures

Your $50 gift turns into $100

for sensory items like fidget toys, bean bags, ambient lights, and other items that help the people we support feel calm, focused, and relaxed

Your $100 gift turns into $200

for anatomy models to help teach sexual education classes so the people we support can learn about their bodies and consent

Your $500 gift turns into $1000

to sponsor up to three people DASCH supports to attend courses about healthy relationships, coping strategies, and sexual education

SSRS helps people improve specific skills, but through their work they also help to build and inspire a community of inclusion.

Last year, Jenny wanted to improve her reading skills. She connected with Brenna, one of SSRS’s consultants specializing in education and literacy. Jenny says Brenna is a great teacher who encourages her not to give up.

“Sometimes I say ‘It is hard, I don’t understand’ and Brenna says “It is okay if you don’t understand yet. You are doing good work,” Jenny says.

Shortly after Jenny and Brenna started working together, Jenny and her mom were at an appointment together. In the waiting room Jenny’s mom and the receptionist chatted about what books they were reading. Because of all the new books Jenny was reading with Brenna’s guidance and encouragement, 

Jenny was able to join the conversation and share what she’d been reading too.

“I am thankful for the opportunity to have a Literacy Program with DASCH and work with a wonderful tutor,” Jenny says.

Jenny’s story of hard work and inclusion is just one example of SSRS’s impact. SSRS consultants specialize in different skills and services so together they have the ability to support so many important needs.

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Thank you for supporting DASCH and people living with intellectual disabilities!