Last summer DASCH worked on brand refresh in the form of a new logo and tagline. We wanted an update that represented the progress DASCH has experienced since first starting.​

In 1974, DASCH began as a group of families who wanted to provide community-based support for their family members with intellectual disabilities.

Looking back twenty years ago, DASCH supported 59 adults, had recently opened our day program location on St. Anne’s, and celebrated Karen Fonseth’s – now CEO, then Executive Director – first year at DASCH.

“DASCH has always been dedicated to inclusivity and providing crucial resources and tools for those living with an intellectual disability,” Karen says. “DASCH’s evolution has enabled us to expand our services to continue meet the needs of the people we proudly support so that every opportunity is made available, and is theirs to choose.”

Today DASCH supports over 160 people, 55 homes, and three-day program locations. We have expanded to offer vocational training so the people we support can secure employment, and recreational programing that benefits mental and physical health and offers the opportunity for genuine relationship building.

The services and opportunities DASCH has provided over the years has evolved, and it’s time to tell the next chapter of DASCH.

Our new tagline “Greater Possibilities’ enhances DASCH’s strengths and embodies the spirit of our constant goal to build and inspire a community of inclusion where people with intellectual disabilities are valued and enabled to live to their full potential.

DASCH Inc. and DASCH Foundation logo

Every detail in our new logo tells a part of DASCH’s story.

Each colour of the “A” shapes that make up the logo represent a different DASCH program like DASCHWorks and our day services.

people coming together

Each individual shape also represents a person and when put together, it represents people coming together at DASCH to form the center of our community.

Snowflake in the shape which recognizes DASCH's geographical location

The overall shape has symmetry but every shape does not exactly line up with the other. It is perfectly imperfect. You may also see a snowflake in the shape which recognizes DASCH’s geographical location, and the uniqueness of every person DASCH supports.

The dots represent people

The dots represent people inside their homes getting shelter, safety and security, and care.

DASCH as a hub

And finally, the empty space between the shapes is a spark. This twisted spark gives off an infectious energy and represents DASCH as a hub that brings together all the people and programs.

Most importantly, it represents that without every person, DASCH wouldn’t be whole. Its people like you who help keep the spark alive and thriving – thank you!