The Scrap Came Back is an upcycled gift shop, and workshop. Our store is operated by participants within DASCH Inc. as part of the opportunity to develop or add to their skills in the work force. We focus on upcycling items that typically head to the landfill and make beautiful & one-of-a-kind art. We also support local artists and sell their hand-made art for consignment sales.

The purpose of the store is to provide a practical retail environment for individuals to work in and gain practical retail skills. In addition to providing a retail space for our clients to gain marketable skills in, we also have a workshop where staff and individuals can create upcycled arts and crafts. We offer a space for local artisans to hold workshops in, and have begun offering programs such as Art Therapy. We currently have over 50 local consignors, and employ 5 individuals from DASCH and similar programs.