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DASCH Foundation


To provide direct financial support to DASCH via fundraising, charitable events and other events and activities, and to establish, monitor, contribute to and oversee an endowment fund to ensure the future financial success of DASCH.

To ensure a sound future for the continuous provision of the highest standards of care by DASCH, in 1993, a group of families and supporters of DASCH established DASCH Foundation as a registered charity.

In addition to its role in managing an endowment fund, DASCH Foundation develops and uses a range of strategies to generate funds from various income streams.  These streams include generous contributions in the form of grants, recurring monthly and yearly private donations from as well as those from businesses, tributes to honor or commemorate and legacy giving. 

The foundation also organizes charitable events of its own and participates in third-party events and initiatives. Through these diverse channels, the foundation effectively manages its endowment, grows its pool of resources and maintains an active presence in the community to promote inclusion and collaboration.

We are deeply grateful to all contributors to DASCH Foundation with whom we have forged dynamic relationships and who continue to help us go the extra mile. They include families, relatives and friends of DASCH residents and program participants and volunteers.

We also draw support from public and private foundations, governments, sponsors and corporations not directly connected to the organization’s services who share a steadfast dedication to enhancing the lives of people with intellectual disabilities regardless of age.

To learn more about the various avenues for contributing to our mission to strengthen the present and pave the way for a promising future, please contact the DASCH Foundation office at 204-992-9679 or via email at

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