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Donate to DASCH Foundation

What if igniting change started with you?

The essence of DASCH Foundation is rooted in the people DASCH serves – those living with intellectual disabilities.

To financially assist the dedicated team that cultivates opportunities which embrace and provide children, youth and adults with intellectual disabilities the chance to create, explore, work, and live without facing judgment or exclusion – that’s our purpose.

Ways to Give

Our Charitable registration number is:


Thinking about the impact of your generosity?

When you give to DASCH Foundation, you are lighting up lives. Your donation powers the enrichment of DASCH programs and opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities. It’s not just a gift – you’re helping dreams unfold and making a world of difference where it truly counts. Join us in creating a more inclusive and compassionate community. Your support matters.

Tribute Giving

Honour someone special

To celebrate or congratulate someone on hallmark occasions, a donation to DASCH Foundation is a heartfelt and thoughtful gesture that holds the power to honor that person in a profoundly meaningful manner. Let us know if you want to dedicate your donation to a person and we can send them a card on your behalf.

Commemorative Gifts

Giving a gift in memory of someone dear is a beautiful way to honor their life and legacy. These gifts are a heartfelt tribute that keeps their memory alive while making a lasting impact on the lives of people with intellectual disabilities. Each donation serves as a lasting symbol of the love, respect, and cherished moments shared with that special person.

Gifts of Securities or Mutual Funds

Making a donation of securities or mutual funds directly to DASCH Foundation brings about a remarkable advantage: capital gains on these assets are exempt from taxation. This translates into a more substantial gift to DASCH Foundation and an added benefit for the donor. They will receive a tax receipt for the entire value of their eligible securities or mutual funds.

It’s important to note that donations of publicly traded securities are not subject to capital gains tax according to the regulations set by the Canada Revenue Agency. This strategic approach allows the donor to magnify the impact of their generosity while enjoying the benefits of tax relief. Their contribution can make a significant difference, and this avenue ensures that both the donor and DASCH Foundation derive the utmost value from the donation.