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Donor Impact

DASCH Foundation Philosophy

The essential premise driving the DASCH Foundation philosophy is that it is only through presence and participation that a person experiences a full life.

That means being able to:

  • live where and with whom you choose;
  • work and earn a living wage;
  • participate in meaningful community activities based on personal interests;
  • have relationships with friends, family and significant others;
  • be physically and emotionally healthy;
  • have opportunities to learn, grow and make informed choices; and
  • carry out responsibilities of citizenship.

Our Collective Impact

There are no easy solutions to complex challenges and the DASCH and DASCH Foundation teams know they cannot do this alone. DASCH collaborates with families, friends, public and private foundations, agencies, industries, sponsors and government to create a community of inclusion where people with intellectual disabilities can thrive. We are deeply grateful to donors who continue to open their hearts to help us go the extra mile. We are mindful that every gifted dollar represents a dream and an investment in “greater possibilities” for people living with intellectual disabilities. It is a responsibility we take very seriously.