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DASCH CEO Awarded Lifetime Achievement Award

DASCH CEO Awarded Lifetime Achievement Award From Prestigious Universal Women’s Network

The Universal Womens Network™ and Direct Action in Support of Community Homes, (DASCH), is pleased to announce that DASCH Chief Executive Officer, Karen Fonseth has been awarded the Women of Inspiration Lifetime Achievement Award by the Universal Women’s Network, at their annual awards ceremony held virtually on November 14, 2020.

The Universal Women’s Network™ is a global platform committed to advance gender equality, diversity, and inclusion. The network has celebrated over 1000 women who have made an impact locally nationally, and globally and are raising the bar for women to be seen, heard, and valued.

Karen Fonseth, CEO of DASCH.

Karen was awarded the ‘Lifetime Achievement’ recognition award for her achievements throughout the community in Manitoba, and her work nationally.

Karen was recently interviewed by Susie Strachan, community journalist for The Sou’wester, to talk more about her history and her achievement.

“One of my staff nominated me, and I had to be interviewed and talk about my career and my life as a whole, in that they make their decision on you as a whole person,” Fonseth said. “Out of the 25 awards handed out, I never expected the lifetime achievement award.”

To download the PDF file from The Sou’wester please click here.

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