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DASCH’s Ultimate Summer Guide: Top 5 Activities to Enjoy

Summer is here, and it’s time to make the most of it! We talked to some of the people we support to hear about their favorite seasonal activities. Here’s DASCH’s ultimate summer guide, inspired by their top picks!

1. Folklorama

Folklorama is an overwhelming favourite at DASCH. Craig, someone DASCH supports, says every year it should be longer than two weeks – wants to see them all! Craig, his roommates, and support staff say they hit up as many pavilions as possible every year. Chances are you’ll see them this season hitting the dance floor or enjoying some delicious food at your favourite pavilion!

Karen, a person DASCH supports, posing with a performer from the Indian pavillion,
Dante, a person DASCH support, at the Metis pavilion at Folklorama
Craig posing in a photo op cutout that makes him look like he's wearing a quilt.

2. On the Water

Nothing says summer like spending time on the water. We heard from folks who like floating along the Assiniboine or Red River on boat rides at the Forks (we hope to check out Winnipeg Waterways this summer) to sail boating in the sunshine on small lakes and bodies of water. Whether your prefer a leisurely ride or a hands-on experience – the people of DASCH highly recommend taking advantage of the beautiful rivers, lakes, or ponds in and around Winnipeg.

Two women in life jackets stand on shore by a dock, preparing to go sail boating.
Two people DASCH supports on a boat on the Red River at golden hour.

3. Visit a Park

Who doesn’t love a nature walk? Another favourite activity we heard about was visiting a local park. The recommendations from the people we support was to enjoy a walk around the duck pond, have a picnic with yard games, or check out the Leaf’s gardens at Assiniboine Park.

Person standing in front of a duck pond wearing a grey hat and dark collared t-shirt.
Three men and their support worker sitting down in a greenhouse smiling.
Two men sit at a picnic table enjoying food.

4. Plant Shopping at a Garden Centre

Ron Paul Garden Centre has been a long time friend and supporter of DASCH, and they’re the top pick of many homes DASCH supports to pick up their flowers and plants for their yard. Craig and Ronda (pictured) are the gardeners in their home and love browsing all the florals to beautify their outdoors spaces. Don’t forget, we are running a gift card fundraiser with Ron Paul Garden Centre right now if you want to get your plant shopping done and support the DASCH Foundation!

Two women, one wearing a pink hoodie, the other wearing a dark fleece smile while holding potted flowers.
A man stands in a garden center with a cart full of flowers.

5. Go to a Baseball Game

Two men in the stands at a baseball game holding chips and smiling at the camera.
Back of man wearing a green hoodie watching the fireworks at a baseball  game.

Our fifth and final summer activity recommendation is going out to a ball game! We love a Winnipeg Goldeye’s game on a warm summer night, complete with a hot dog and pop.

The excitement of the crowd and the crack of the bat make for an unforgettable experience. What a treat!

Take it from the folks at DASCH, get out and enjoy a classic summer outing!