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Program and Service Name Updates

The disability support field is always evolving as we learn and innovate. As such, DASCH recently reviewed the names of our programs and services to ensure we too are evolving.

Over the past few months, DASCH’s Executive Leadership Team, along with input from staff across departments through two rounds of surveys, have been reflecting and discussing the names of DASCH-designed programs and services. While some of the names have changed, the quality and content offered remains the same.

DASCH Specialized Support

Previously Specialized Support and Resource Services (SSRS), DASCH Specialized Support has shed it’s long title and acronym that made it hard to remember and didn’t follow accessibility best practice for screen readers (which often have trouble recognizing acronyms).

DASCH Day Program

Previously just Day Program, used interchangeably with Day Services, we’ve branded each service with the organizations name to set it apart. It’s a small change but one we hope will offer some clarity within the sector.

DASCH Cultural Connection

Previously Indigenous & Multicultural Enhancement Opportunities, this change has very similar reasoning to DASCH Specialized Support. The old name was a mouthful, difficult to remember, and presented the same issue of accessibility. One of the motivations of the program is to foster connection so we felt the new name was aptly chosen.