DASCH Inc. has an Indigenous Spiritual Leader and an established program that is responsive to the needs of people we support and the people we employ. Meaningful activities in community settings have been cultivated and culturally significant opportunities to learn and develop have been fostered. Because of the Indigenous Program, the people we support are provided with valuable roles as members of their own communities! In these community places, equality is evident, and support is always shared amongst all that attend.

People from DASCH Inc. have been honoured with invitations to attend several of the sacred Sundance ceremonies throughout our province in the spring and summer. The DASCH campsite is becoming a familiar sight at these events, as is the support we provide for Manitobans with intellectual disabilities. Activities made possible by our spiritual leader have included attendance at Pow Wows, participation in sweat lodge ceremonies, medicine picking, being empowered to speak, heal and receive teachings in the sharing circle, and exploring the gift of craft with classes to make dream catchers, moccasins, and drums. We also host staff training on Indigenous awareness to ensure culturally correct direct support is available.