A vocational training program suited for those with an intellectual disability.

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For youth and adults with intellectual disabilities, it can be challenging to find and maintain meaningful, long-term employment. This is often due to the lack of inclusion in the workforce, lack of proper and suitable training available in the community, or negative stereotypes and stigmas around those who have an intellectual disability.

The goal of DASCHWorks is to support individuals with intellectual disabilities in developing the skills needed to secure successful, competitive employment that will further promote inclusion and engagement within our community. This is done by providing DASCHWorks students with information about entering the workforce, pre-employment and technical skills training.

The DASCHWorks program consists of three main components, each personalized to support every student’s individual abilities by providing the best-suited training to match their needs and interests and getting them ready to work.

  1. VOCATIONAL ASSESSMENT AND PROFILING – Helps DASCHWorks students identify their strengths, career interests as well as areas for development.
  2. PRE-EMPLOYMENT SKILL DEVELOPMENT – Classroom training for topics that support a successful transition into a work environment such as resume writing, interview skills, hygiene, conflict resolution, workplace relationships, communication, time management, etc.
  3. TECHNICAL SKILL DEVELOPMENT – Using the Practical Assessment Exploration System (PAES), students are able to get hands on training with real tools and equipment that may be needed to secure employment. Some of the skills training available in DASCHWorks include data entry, word processing, woods and metal projects, food services, custodial services, assembly production, tills and money management, office skills and more.

Due to COVID-19, DASCHWorks is currently offering virtual and remote training and offering the following presentations:

  • Confidence in the Workplace
  • Understanding Money
  • Pay Stubs
  • Cover Letters
  • Resumes
  • Job Interview Skills
  • Appropriate Workplace Behavior
  • Basics of WHMIS

COMMUNITY AND EMPLOYMENT SUPPORT – Within the coming year, DASCHWorks will be adding a fourth area of Community and Employment Support. This component will include bus training (if needed), community observations of various jobs, engagement with potential employers, tours of a variety of workplaces, support for job searches, applications and interviews, on the job workplace assessments, and up to three months of support after the successful placement into a paid position.

Some of the available DASCHWorks classes include data entry, word processing, woods and metal projects, food services, custodial services, assembly production, tills and money management, office skills and more. Each class can be modified to support each student’s individual abilities.

Through training and support, DASCHWorks helps provide youth and adults with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to find paid work in the community.

Full-time and part-time classes are available Monday-Friday virtually. In-person classes at the DASCHWorks location at 153 St. Annes Road, are currently postponed.

For more information or to receive a referral package please contact:

Alex Prokopetz

Vocational Coordinator

Ph: 204-229-5795

Fax: 204-987-1552

Email: daschworks@dasch.mb.ca

Watch the DASCHWorks Highlight Video for an inside look about the Program