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DASCHWorks Employment


By actively seeking out and hiring those with a disability, organizations can tap into a pool of talent that brings unique strengths and perspectives to the table.

Hiring people with disabilities promotes diversity, inclusion, and innovation within an organization. This is achieved through various means:

  1. It demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity and equal opportunities. It helps to create a workforce that reflects the diversity of our society, fostering a sense of belonging.
  2. People with disabilities often possess unique perspectives which can contribute to innovative problem solving and decision making.
  3. Workers with disabilities are often associated with strong performance, good attendance, and higher than usual job retention rates.

At DASCHWorks, we work to enrich your business while empowering potential. We achieve this through:

Customized Recruitment Solutions

We provide tailor-made employment proposals, matching our candidates’ skills with your specific needs.

Through this process, we can personalize the employment relationship between the job seeker and the employer so that the goals and needs of each are addressed.

This arrangement is based on determining the unique strengths, interests, and needs of the job seeker while keeping in mind the labour and business needs of the employer.

DASCHWorks is unique in that it places an emphasis on getting to know the talents, strengths, and skills of the job seeker leading to employment that is beneficial to both parties.

Comprehensive Support

From facilitating job matching to post-placement support, we guide you through every step, ensuring a seamless integration of new employees.

The program actively works towards matching participants with job opportunities based on their skills and interests.

In working collaboratively with employment partners, we can conduct job analysis to identify suitable positions and support the organization in its inclusive hiring practice.

The program also works with the employer to identify and implement necessary workplace accommodation and accessibility measures to support the employee. This could include anything from flexible scheduling to training for co-workers and supervisors in disability awareness and inclusion.

Ongoing Partnership

Our relationship doesn’t end with a successful hire. We offer continuous support and updates, helping you maintain an inclusive and dynamic workplace.

Once a person has been placed in employment, the program will provide ongoing job coaching and on the job support to ensure the person’s success and job retention. This involves regular check-ins, problem solving assistance, and training on specific tasks and workplace expectations.

The program will also continuously monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of its services and support. By collecting feedback from both the employee and the employer, tracking employment outcomes, and making necessary adjustments to improve the success of the employee.

Join us in creating a more inclusive world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive in the workplace.


Phone: (204) 987-1550