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DASCHWorks Vocational


The DASCHWorks Vocational program is leading the way in addressing the specific pre-employment requirements of adults with intellectual disabilities.

Our committed facilitators are there every step of the way, helping participants embark on a personalized journey to discover their interests, strengths, abilities, and work values.

Using innovative learning techniques, we offer support in developing crucial employability skills and improving social competencies for the workplace.

Upon completion, participants of the DASCHWorks Vocational program emerge with a comprehensive skill assessment that showcases their knowledge, abilities, experience, and confidence. This assessment serves as an asset when applying for jobs and demonstrates to employers their readiness for the workforce.

Culinary instructor and student work together in kitchen
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DASCHWorks Vocational Space

Our Program’s Four Pillars

1. Vocational Assessment and Profiling

Using the Practical Assessment Exploration System (PAES), students get hands-on exposure to the processes, tools, and equipment that may be needed in different employment sectors.

PAES is a functional skills curriculum with an embedded formative assessment that identifies aptitude for community-based employment, functional skills, interests, work behaviour strengths, and barriers to success. The assessment is divided into five sectors of work encompassing over 300 simulated jobs.

Sectors include:

  • Consumer Service
  • Business/Marketing
  • Processing/ Production
  • Construction/Industrial
  • Computer Technology

PAES encourages workplace independence and motivates the participants to achieve more.

2. Pre-Employment Skill Development

Our comprehensive classroom training covers crucial topics for successful workplace integration.

These topics include (but are not inclusive to):

  • numeracy and literacy relevant to the workplace
  • resume writing
  • interview skills
  • hygiene
  • conflict resolution
  • effective communication
  • time management, and more

We utilize various forms of curricula to cater to the diverse learning needs of our participants, whether they prefer group-style learning, individualized instruction, or self-paced learning.

3. Online Learning and Enhancement

Our training program incorporates a range of tools and resources to support participants in evaluating and enhancing their skills.

EmploymentWorks Online offers a flexible and convenient e-learning platform, allowing people to learn at their own pace and schedule. This engaging program includes interactive features, tools, and resources to enhance the learning experience.

Additionally, the Skilling Up program focuses on digital literacy, offering three pathways for learners at different skill levels with the advanced pathway providing Microsoft certification.

This program enables participants to explore career opportunities in digital literacy while gaining valuable skills and accessing additional resources.

4. Community and Employment Enrichment

This portion of the DASCHWorks program encompasses comprehensive bus training (if required), immersive community job observations, active engagement with potential employers, and guided tours of businesses in the community.

In partnering with MentorAbility Canada, we are able to offer in-person and virtual mentoring experiences as well as networking and learning events where our participants can gain additional knowledge.

With a specific focus on facilitating unique, short-term (from 1 hour to 1 day) mentoring opportunities, the MentorAbility experience provides opportunities for job seekers to increase their knowledge of an industry or career.

At DASCHWorks, we are committed to empowering adults with intellectual disabilities, paving their way to secure competitive and meaningful employment in the community.

Contact us today to discover how the DASCHWorks Vocational Program can transform your potential into success.


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