With a focus on a person’s needs, the Day Services provide every participant with activities that are tailored to their vocational and recreational interests and needs. DASCH provides transportation to and from destinations, work or volunteer placements and the Day Service locations. From Monday to Friday we offer a range of activities in areas such as:

  • Vocational and volunteer opportunities.
  • Community-based recreation involving fitness and leisure.
  • Life skills training that promotes independence (e.g. literacy and communication skill development, cooking classes etc.)

Two additional day programs, Individualized Vocational Services (IVS) and Individualized Recreational and Retirement Services (IRRS), provide support to individuals out of their home rather than a central location. The IVS program focuses on individuals gaining employment and developing vocational skills. The IRRS program is intended for older, semi-retired participants and for those who prefer a slower and quieter pace.