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Recreation & Leisure Enrichment Programming*

The DASCH Recreation and Leisure Enrichment Program opportunities was developed during the global pandemic to provide opportunities for the people we support to stay connected.

What began as virtual game nights, fitness classes, and social gatherings has grown to provide in-person summer day camps for youth, annual carnivals, game nights and fitness activities like Yoga in the Park.

Each activity is thoughtfully crafted to enhance participants’ overall well-being, nurturing their physical, social, and mental health. This effort not only benefits the people involved in the activities but also contributes to ensuring inclusivity for individuals of all abilities and awareness in the larger Winnipeg community.

This program is one of our proudest achievements and favoured by the people DASCH supports.

*DASCH Recreation and Leisure Enrichment Programming is fully funded by the DASCH Foundation, through grants and community fundraising initiatives.